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What counts as physical activity?

Anything which makes you warm, makes you breathe deeper or make your heart beat faster counts as physical activity!

Bike rides or going swimming are great ways to get some exercise but even simple things like dancing along to the radio, having a kick about in the garden or going bowling are good for you.

Why should I exercise?

Physical activity can make you feel better in lots of ways! It’s a great way to meet new people and make new friends, it could even help you concentrate at school and sleep better.

It will improve your health and fitness and will mean it is easier for you to stay a healthy weight. Exercising can help you recover quicker from illnesses and will also strengthen your bones.

What is a safe level of exercise?

Health experts recommend that you get an hour of activity every day! Don’t worry you don’t have to do it all in one go, doing 10 minutes of activity at different times throughout the day is just as good for you.

It can also be hard to fit in that much exercise every day, but ideally three days a week you should do some exercise which strengthens your bones and muscles too, this could be things like using playground equipment, or sports like gymnastics, football and tennis.

When you are exercising you need to listen to your body, be aware when things start to hurt and take a break. If in doubt speak to teachers or sports leaders about how intensely you should be exercising, and where the line is between pushing yourself and doing damage.

How do I get into exercise?

There are lots of ways to get into physical activity, get on your bike or go for a walk with a family and explore the countryside around you. The council provide loads of activities, especially in the school holidays for young people to get active, check out the council website for details.

There are also lots of local sports teams; you can probably find something to suit you close to home. Park runs are a great way to get into running. Keep an eye on the Street Sport and Active Together social media pages or look for posters in schools and Leisure Centres. Remember though that having a kick about in the garden or dancing to the radio counts as activity too!

Where can I get started? What’s available in North Lincolnshire?

North Lincolnshire Council’s Youth Sport programme, Community Sports Youth 8-18yrs, provides a diverse range of multi sport opportunities across North Lincolnshire for young people aged eight to 19 years old. At present North Lincolnshire Council and its partners provide over 30 sessions per week.

Street Sport and On Target sessions provide a safe environment for you to come along and get active, learn new skills, chill out with friends and maybe make some new ones. The sessions are informal and multi sport based, with the emphasis being on fun, enjoyment and getting involved. This means that you could be playing football, cricket or basketball at one session and the next could be playing ultimate Frisbee, street golf, rock-it-ball, Street Dance and many more activities!

All the sessions are free.

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