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Who are we?

The North Lincolnshire School Nursing team are qualified nurses with specialist training in public health for children, young people and families. We work with local communities, the whole family and individual children in different settings, e.g. homes, children’s centres, schools and GP surgeries. We lead and deliver the healthy child Programme for 5-19 year olds, working predominately with children, young people and families. We work closely with other health services, including schools, to ensure that the child’s health needs are met. We are skilled in spotting health problems or concerns early, so that we can provide early support. We work with other services to ensure every child and young person lives in a safe environment.

How can we work with you?

The School Nursing Team works with the Mental Health Champion in school to offer a variety of interventions through universal and targeted health provision. School nurses can provide support and assessment for a variety of needs including:-
• Emotional health needs, including self-esteem, mood and self-harm.
• Physical health needs; including support for long term medical conditions and care planning in conjunction with school.
• Healthy eating support – assessment of diet and exercise.
• Screening of children at school entry, vision, hearing and growth monitoring
• Transition support; health visitor to school nurse, primary to secondary education and children’s to adult services.
• Links to partner agencies – Delta, Virgin Care, Vaccination team and Child and Adolescent Mental Health services.
• Provide targeted support; following assessment, to reduce vulnerabilities
• Awareness raising of public health messages including child sexual exploitation, healthy eating, sun safety and substance misuse.
• Linking with local accident and emergency care to provide follow up and support after attendance at A&E
Our service is flexible to meet the needs of children, young people and their families. We provide early intervention to reduce vulnerabilities, allowing achievement of full potential.

Is drop in available?

Drop in services are available at all secondary schools within North Lincolnshire. To find out the date of our next visit or follow us on Facebook or Twitter as we always put our weekly school visit rota on there.

Are appointments available?

The school nurse service offers individual assessment appointments as necessary. These are booked at a time and venue suitable for your child and yourself if you wish to attend with them.

Need some advice?

North Lincolnshire School Nursing Team offer a Triage service where service users, parents and professionals can phone between the hours of 9am and 5pm for advice, referral and support.

Contact Us

Telephone: 0800 0199 951


Write to us at:
Park Lodge
Tickhall Road Hospital

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