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Social media is part of young people’s lives.

It is a great way of communicating, getting information and keeping in touch, but it is important to remind and educate young people to be responsible users to make sure they get the best out of it and keep themselves safe.

More and more young people are on social media and while it can be a good thing, it can result in school staff and families becoming involved in the fallout.

As members of the Youth Council, we’ve led on the development of this charter as we wanted to have a ‘go to’ document that reminded young people of the positives of using social media, but also what can happen if it’s used in the wrong way.
We also wanted to make some suggestions about how to ‘BE SMART’ on social media and to remind school staff and families that they also have an important role to play.

We are proud of this document. The content and format was developed by listening to young people’s views and we have also listened to staff from schools and colleges too.

Whether it’s school staff, governors, parents, carers or someone else, adults also have a role to play in relation to social media.

5 P’s for adults
And also PRACTICE what you PREACH! Adults are in a great position to model behaviours, so you should also ‘BE SMART’ on line.

Download our Social Media Charter
Download the Five Ps