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What do we do?

A school nurse’s job is to look after your health.

This includes a range of areas relating to keeping you well, safe and being on hand to help manage all your health needs. This can cover anything from your immunisations to teen abuse, bullying to sleeping well, feeling positive and managing stress to bereavement and positive relationships.

Any topic or subject you find on Life Central, your school nurse can help you with it! Even if you can’t find something on this site, your school nurse can probably still help you – and if they can’t they will almost certainly know someone who can. So, if there is something bothering you, why not speak to your school nurse?

Talking to your School Nurse

It’s good to know how to contact your school nurse because you never know when you might need them.

School nurse’s offer confidential support and advice, which means they will not discuss anything with other people or your school. However, if the school nurse is concerned about your safety- for example, if you say something that makes your school nurse think that you or someone else is in danger- the school nurse will have to tell someone.

School nurses are not be based in your school, but they will visit your school regularly and have appointments that you can book.
In an emergency always dial 999.

School drop-ins

One way to see a school nurse is to go to the regular drop-ins that they have in your school. Ask your pastoral team or Mental Health Champion to find out the date of our next visit or follow us on Facebook or Twitter as we always put our weekly school visit rota on there.


We do offer appointments too that work at a time best suited to you. You can book these by using any of the contact details below or asking your parents, carers or a trusted school adult to book on your behalf.


Try any of the following:-

Telephone: 0800 0199 951

Write to us at:
Park Lodge
Tickhall Road Hospital

A school nurse or a Dr?

Not sure which one to see about what is worrying you? Visit the Going to the Dr’s page to find out more about what a Dr does. If you are still not sure visit a school nurse drop in and ask our advice.